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Blind Spots

We went to see Blind Spotsthe Jackson Pollock exhibition at Tate Liverpool yesterday, we get 50% off with the Art Pass which meant it was a fiver each. Our Art Pass subscription is up for renewal next month and this year we didn't even discuss whether to renew it as it provides good value for money in our lives. There are just some occasions where the discount for exhibitions, or the free entry really makes a difference - Bowes Museum is the one that leaps out, there's so much there that I'm not really interested in so £9.50 entry would just put me off going, but their exhibitions are great so the free entry makes it worthwhile. Same thing with yesterday, £10 each might have made us think about the right time to see the exhibition, but the 50% off makes it a lot more affordable.

The exhibition was excellent, I didn't really know anything about the artist or his work beforehand so I went not knowing what to expect. I loved it. It's quite a sad story but the work itself is really enjoyable. 

Afterwards, we decided to have a meal out, and chose Las Iguanas as we hadn't been for years and I'd heard that they have a separate veg*n menu (there's also a gluten free menu). The specialist menus were offered without having to ask, which was great, the weird thing was that our waiter talked me through the vegan menu but then suggested to Dan that the steak was a great option. Interesting assumption.


  1. It is an interesting assumption that a man can't be a vegan - how did Dan react?

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. He's very diplomatic and just replied "there's plenty on the veggie menu thanks".


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