Friday, 12 June 2015

The Not-Cost Cutting Week

We don't shop at Tesco as a rule, I think the last time we went was when Em came over from Germany, she loves it there so we went for a spot of recreational shopping. To soften the blow of the garage bill Dan treated me to some of the fabled free-from strawberry cones. They are amazing. I was very good and only had one though. 

The car came home from the garage with the part we need in the boot. Our garage uses official branded parts, and as ours was coming from Sweden it hadn't arrived in time. So in order to fix the car and get it through the MOT they used a cheaper brand and will fit the Volvo part, which arrived in the afternoon, when the next service comes around. The car fixing was not cheap at just over £420, but that's cars for you isn't it. 

Have I already said we bought all the gifts we needed on Saturday? I think so, we got everything at a very decent price.

Dan bought some new casual shoes as the ones he bought last year had a sole hole. I don't know what he does when he walks, but he gets through shoes like you wouldn't believe. 

As if by magic, after mentioning that this year was the first time we hadn't had birds nesting in the garden, for the past two days there has been a flurry of blackbird activity. Speaking of the garden, my worst fears have been realised, the biggest of the big bushy plants at the bottom on the garden is indeed growing through from next door. I could cut it back but I think it's the only thing holding the fence up. But, I have found a few new plants hidden in the undergrowth so that should pad the greenery out a fair bit when they recover. 

It has been a lovely week in the town, I know I complain a lot about living here, but when the sun is out and everyone's happy it's the best. We have done very well at the shop, lots of day trippers and holiday makers have been nipping in for bits and pieces and everyone has been in such a good mood, it's been wonderful. I don't really mind what the weather is like this weekend as we just want to relax and enjoy some time together - as inexpensively as possible!


  1. Oh, I hadn't seen those before and now I want one!!

    1. They really tasty, and selling like hot cakes by all accounts. The icecream is very smooth and they're just like a proper dairy Cornetto, they really it the spot. I think strawberry is the only flavour available, but that's fine with me.

      I was very impressed with the choice and nice clear labels on the Tesco own brand products too.

  2. Those ice creams were exactly what we all needed this week.

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. I've just been reading about your week Lizzie, sorry to hear you've been off colour again.