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Freebies and Bare Necessities

The postman brought joyful post this morning in the form of a £5 Booths loyalty card voucher. That should come in handy at the start of next month when I want to buy a couple of treats for our bunny sitting guest. 

I also received two freebies, with the promise of things to come in the form of a few sticks of rhubarb and two plants from my parents on Saturday, I will stew the fruit tomorrow, I planted the plants this morning. Twig number one is, apparently, bay.

Twig number two, is a honeysuckle. I've only just started clearing this bit of the bed (on the right of the garden) so it's still full of weeds, but there is space for this baby climber 

Hardly astounding specimens at the moment but given time they should be great.

I also splashed out on not one, not two, but eight pairs of lady undergarments this weekend, what a time to be alive! I wear dresses and skirts a lot of the time so I favour some nice substantial shorts to avoid distress to either myself or other people. Others will be flung this afternoon - into the bin, not in a Tom Jones type of way. 


  1. that reminds me, mine are getting a bit threadbare in places.........should maybe look for some myself!

  2. From small acorns come mighty oaks- hopefully towering rhubarb crumbles! I recently bought some mini-shorts for swing dancing as I'm always convinced there will be involuntary flashing!x

    1. Dan makes the best crumble, I am very excited.

      Dance flashing is a common problem, sensible to cover your assets!


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