Friday, 26 June 2015

Crumbly Gold

We sort of have a compost bin. Last year, or the year before Father turned up with an old single bed and told me to paint it with three coats of outdoor something or other, which I did. He them made a compost bin, we then had a gale, part of our roof came off and the compost bin flew across the garden. It was then dismantled and rebuilt into a kind of compost fence arrangement. 

Thanks to a tip from Mum and others, when we dug the lawn up to make the veg bed we stacked up the lawn bits and shoved it under the weigela, a year later it is now soil without grass and is becoming part of the garden. The rest of the compost area is not quite as successful. The main reason for this is that is because we currently have a lot of sticks and not a lot of much else. I need to get a lot of chopping done, and we have a trip to the tip planned *yay* so we should be able to get rid of most of the surplus so I can see what's at the bottom of the heap and them start afresh. The main thing I want to do is reduce the amount of rabbit litter going into the bin. The pen has two litter trays and they are emptied a couple of times a week, that's a lot of stuff. If we didn't bin this we'd only have to put the bin out every two or three collections rather than every fortnight as we do now. 

Another thing that has slipped down the priority list is recycling the tetra-pak, one of the first things to be subject to the cuts here was our local recycling centre, which was about a mile from here. Now we have to go to the other side of Lytham to the main place so it's a less frequent visit and so it's less convenient to drop a bag of cartons off. But now we're having milk in cartons rather than bottles we'll be generating a few more so I want to be on top of dealing with them as sensibly as possible.

If anyone has any good ideas for reusing Tetra Pak cartons I'd love to hear them.

Extra happy bonus! When I went out to look at the garden waste area I noticed signs of life. My peppermint had survived the winter then for some reason it was moved into the direct sun and it withered. It's been under a pile of twigs for a few weeks now and there's a healthy little plant again. Being a bit of a lazy gardener can be a positive sometimes. 


  1. That's a good use for an old bed!!x

    1. I don't know where he gets all these beds from, I suspect the tip, but he has just made a really cute desk for my niece out of another bed he had knocking about.

  2. I thought the nearest Tetra Pak recycling was in Manchester so I've never recycled these. Here's a link to a Pinterest page
    but I'm sure sustaining your own recycling of the packs is not a long term solution. Tetra Pak themselves made different products out of the paks such as kitchen worktops and funky furniture. Here's a link to their recycling page.
    PS I'm afraid our cat litter goes in the council bin.

    1. Thanks for the links.

      I had a look at the Tetra Pak site and apparently there's a bin for recycling at the Morrisons near the airport as well as the recycling centre in Lytham. We go up Squires Gate Lane quite a lot so if it's still there it will be really convenient.