Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Cookbook July

After my excitement about food yesterday, I had a cooking disaster with the evening meal last night. Typical. I managed to save a fair bit of it and turn them into something else, I did think it was funny though. 

I've done the menu plan for July, and this time round I'm basing it on a cookbook. Some of you may have witnessed my failed River Cottage week last year, well I@m trying it again for July. I feel more prepared now, so it should be fine. There's no plan for the first two weeks because that's when Dan's on holiday from work, so we don't know what we're going to be doing. We're not going shopping next week or the week after, we'll just use things from the pantry and buy things when we need them. The food budget is not larger next month so we shouldn't go too wild with it. 

Not everything from the cookbook is the main part of the meal, sometimes it's just the bread or the salad, not all of the recipes are new to me as we already have some favourites, but there's something from the book in almost every meal. Here goes

1-12 no plan

13 chillies stuffed with beans
14 porotos granados
15 l/o
16 quinoa w. courgettes & onions w. cauliflower fritters
17 dhal, flatbreads and salads
18 herby peanutty noodly salad
19 roast/bbq

20 stuffed cabbage leaves
21 potato skins w. oven roast ratatouille
22 l/o w. rosti
23 roast tofu w. spelt salad
24 asian inspired slaw w. gyoza, greens and tofu
25 pizza
26 roast
27 mushroom risoniotto

28 patatas bravas w. puy lentil pasties
29 not-pot noodles
30 dhal
31 vegetable biryani


  1. I did my menu plan last night for next month. It helps with shopping. By the way, I'm posting a review of the book I mentioned tomorrow. I hope you find it interesting.

    1. Excellent, I'll look forward to that, thanks.