Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Thimbleful of Milk

I have tried on many occasions to give up the one final bit of dairy in my diet, I have always failed because of my first cup of tea in the morning, everything else has been fine (at home at least). As the weather isn't quite as cold as it has been I've been working on it by not having tea at all first thing .

I don't eat a lot of fruit so I have wanted to inject a bit of that into my diet too, so I have very much been enjoying a berry, banana and vanilla soy smoothie in the morning. I'm looking forward to picking up all the yellow stickered berries later in the summer, but for now I am very happy with the 2x500g packs of mixed frozen berries I bought from Sainsbury's. One is Black Forest and the other is Summer Fruit mix. 

Once breakfast is over, the rest of the day is easy.

I'm hoping that I'll be so used to it by the time smoothie season is over that my early morning cuppa will be plain sailing. 

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