Sunday, 17 May 2015


new doormat, made from pink iPitch material
Thanks to everyone for your suggestions about possible weekend away locations, lots of food for thought. 

After the declutter comes the rebuilding. 

Dan came back from his course on Friday and helped me shift he last of the stuff from upstairs. We decided to get out and about on Saturday and head off to Preston to the Best of Britannia thingamy. So we did via the art gallery. I confess I am rarely inspired by Preston but occasionally it comes up trumps. The gallery was a massive disappointment, the main part of the exhibition consisted of three films and I was just not in the mood for it, so we left. 

We headed across the square to the BOB location and I just didn't feel inspired, we had a peek through the window and to the fence off bit of the covered market and I thought for £4 each it probably wasn't worth it to us, although it did appear to feature some very nice things, so we didn't go (admittedly I was in a bit of a strop by this point). Dan agreed so we went back to the car. After a brief discussion about how to turn the day around we ended up somewhere unexpected, Ikea in Warrington. 

So from innovation and individuality to mass produced and familiar it was. I confess I find Ikea very calming. We don't go very often but I enjoy it - all those places to sit down, and I get to play with the soft toys and pretend I'm Buster from Arrested Development with my awards... from army. Where was I? 

Secretly and deep down Dan and I knew the real reason we were going was to seek out the new veggie balls. I have never had Ikea meatballs, but I know people get excited about them so to know there are veggie balls was a very good thing. I'd never been to the restaurant there so it was all new territory. I have to say they were really nice! I'm glad Dan and I shared a plate because there was a lot of food.

I never photograph food, but I made an exception, this was a whole new world! The balls are basically veg squidged together, served with rice and a tomato sauce. A regular potion was £4.50, I think there were around a dozen veg balls and a nice amount of rice, a good size portion for two to share. We bought one coffee and one soft drink too (free refills) so the total cost was just over £6. 

Fortified, we headed off round the showroom for a sit down and a read of the books. Along with the pink Widnes Vikings tribute doormat Dan chose a lampshade, much to my surprise. We bought a lamp made from an old spindle from Shrewsbury a few years ago and it's just had a manky old lampshade on since then. We'd been faffing about trying to find the right shade for it so the fact that Dan has taken that decision out of my hands in quite a relief. 

not as wonky as it looks on this picture

It's a dark turquoise with a copper-look inner. Dan's a big fan of Tom Dixon lighting, but of course we don't have the budget for that so the copper is a little tribute to that, it also adds a nice warm light to the north-east facing room, plus it shows the spindle off nicely. It looked so cosy in fact that we slept in the spare room last night! 


  1. Great minds think alike, we bought a light shade for our kitchen yesterday. We have to wait a few days before we can collect it though. It's only taken us four or more years to find one that we like! We also had veggie meatballs last night, though I didn't tell OH they were veggie. He didn't seem to be able to tell the difference. They were soya ones from Meet The Alternative. Have you tried them? I think I got them from Tesco. I'd definitely get them again. We had them morrocan style, which made a change.

    1. The veggie balls from Ikea aren't really like meatballs, I was a bit surprised as I thought they were a like for like thing, these are very much veg, still delicious though.

      I haven't had any of the soya based versions as they tend to contain egg, I've not heard of the brand you mention though, I'll have a look for them. I bought some soya mince last month after reading about it on Scarlet's blog, it made a nice change - although I can't remember what real mince tastes/feels like so it might be nothing like meat, but it's something a bit different.

  2. Love Ikea, I really like Scandinavian design so love a wander round there. I saw those lightshades, as copper is a favourite tone of mine. We ate the once there and were dismayed by the teeny tiny portion sizes so never did it again.

    I love that bunny cushion, well I'm assuming it's a cushion ❤

  3. I was surprised at how much food we got, I thought for the price it would be a small amount, maybe my expectations were just exceeded. One thing I have subsequently found out is that although the veggie balls themselves are suitable for vegans the sauce is not, it's vegetarian.

    It is a bunny cushion, I try not to have too much rabbit stuff around the house (although I do have a lot) but I have this cushion in pink too - that one's a bit chewed though. They came from Setonaikai in Shrewsbury.