Wednesday, 13 May 2015

More Of The Same But Better.

It turns out the shirt was just the start. What started as a small peek into a few cupboards ended with rearranging the furniture upstairs. I sought out all the hidden clutter and dealt with it. It started because a friend was decluttering her kitchen so I started there too, then I did my wardrobe, the craft sideboard and the weird cupboard on the landing that doesn't really have much of a purpose, which makes it perfect for the odd stash and dash.

From the stash and dashing I found a top and a cardi that should have gone to the charity shop ages ago, two colouring books from the charity shop for the next time I see the children, loads of padded envelopes, a pen, a make your own crackers kit and some festive trim. If I had to guess I'd say my last stashing session was at the start of January!

on their way out

I didn't throw much stuff away, there was about half a bin bag of actual rubbish, a stack of recycling, I did break an energy saving lightbulb and seem to remember that's dangerous so both it and the lamp it was in are in a couple of bags in the garage awaiting something or other

lots of dust!

Dan jumped on board via text and suggested we try to condense the books in order to get rid of a bookcase in his dressing room. That really was the start of the upheaval. We only managed to part with another 27 books, but as we got rid of hundreds last year it wasn't too bad. Rehousing the vinyl freed up enough space to get rid of the big and quite unattractive bookcase, leaving just two unattractive bookcases.  

I kind of felt like one of those people digging a hole then filling it in again. There's not a lot of room to move so it was a case of shifting and reshifting everything over and over, lifting the bookcases and the bed, it was not unlike those sliding puzzles where you have only one space free to move. Almost everything is back in place now, I just have to make it look nice, but as soon as Dan saw it (even though it looks the same) he pulled a face "Do you think it looks depressing now?" I asked "Yeah" he replied. It turns out one ugly bookcase made all the difference. A chest of drawers has been added to the shopping list. 


  1. You have a lovely collection of books there x

  2. I know what you mean about those puzzles. Sometimes life and organising is like a constant game using one of them. I must admit though that now I'm getting a bit more ruthless spaces are opening up and I'm quite enjoying how much easier on the eye it is.

    1. Thankfully this was a case of just being in a small room rather than having too much stuff. I mean, I do have too much stuff but at least it all has a home.

      Glad you're enjoying the results of your own decluttering.

  3. Sound like you have been quite busy with sorting and decluttering. I've had abandon all thoughts of decluttering until we have finished with all this gala stuff.

    1. Yes, I think you're dealing with enough "stuff" already!