Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Magic And The Price Of Fame

It took Dan over an hour to get home last night, an hour to travel five and a half miles. It's the price of fame, the prom is shut due to the Tim Burton film. The cauliflower was pretty soggy by the time he turned up. But he's magical isn't he? Today he made it snow! There's snow all around The Tower. Exciting. 

It also looks a little bit like snow here, the cherry blossom is being blown all around, I wasn't brave enough to venture out into the wet and wild to get a proper snap, but you get the idea. 

I'm keeping my finger crossed that there are good biscuits at the charity shop today, we were distinctly bottom of the barrel last week. That's what happens when the manager is on a diet. 


  1. It is really wild here today, I must have been crackers I took myself off for a walk, it was so cold, but it made me appreciate how cosy the house is, hope you get your biscuit fix x

    1. There is nothing quite like arriving back home when you've been out in the wet and the cold!

      Chocolate digestives were purchased especially for us yesterday so I was very happy.