Friday, 29 May 2015

Last Week of May Round Up

It's been a bit of a quiet week. 

Next month's budget is done and ready to go, the menu plan and shopping lists are written, car is booked in for the MOT, we haven't really bought anything and there have been no nasty surprises that lead us to spend. We had a healthy grocery budget of £18 to see us through to next Thursday, and even though I said we weren't going to, we used our final voucher for £3 off £20 at Sainsbury's and got a lot for our money. A lot.

This morning I've done some cooking for the weekend and chopped lots of salad to keep us going. We have a weekend at home planned - well when I say planned I mean watching Sky Sports. But we have some bourbon creams so that's as planned as it needs to be. 

Our first dairy free week is going really well. 

I don't think I have five things this week as it's just been normality all the way. 

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