Tuesday, 26 May 2015

June Plans

Thank you to everyone who wished me well regarding my leg. It feels a bit better today, hopefully it won't be sore for too much longer. 

I may have mentioned a number of times that this month has gone slowly and felt like a real trudge. It still is and both of us will be so glad to see the arrival of June, not least because there our family will be adding a member, my brother is going to be a dad again, the baby is due next week. 

We already know June will be quite expensive - we have a backlog of presents to buy, plus something for the new arrival, the MOT needs to happen and the car has been making a bit of a weird noise, we want to still put some money into savings, we're meeting up with one of Dan's friends and being introduced to his girlfriend for the first time, Dan needs some new clothes (and it is a need, he only has one pair of casual trousers and one pair of jeans after his alternative pair developed a large hole the other week). Dan's fortnight off work begins, and we need to set some money aside for our break in Berwick Upon Tweed in July. 

We are on a very basic menu plan, Dan wants plain and simple, so that's what we're having. A basic rotation of roasts, bean stews, curries, jacket potatoes, stirfries and salads. My main focus is to make the most of the pantry and make sure nothing lingers for too long, and to be exceptionally strict at the supermarket so any spare cash can be used for fun times when we're off work. 


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    1. Thanks, it shouldn't be too taxing on the brain!

  2. Nothing wrong with plain and simple, I think its the best.

    1. I don't mind at all, plus a period of simple things will help us enjoy any holiday treats even more!