Monday, 25 May 2015

Feet Up

The weekend did not go according to plan. 

We arrived at Bloomfield Road and were immediately handed a free Cornetto and some other bits and bobs as we walked through the Fanzone, all was well. We watched the first two games, all was well. I chatted to some other fans about this and that. Then the third game started. It soon became clear that London were going to run away with it so we decided to go for a walk, so we got our hands stamped and wandered out towards the prom. We had in mind a visit to the new pub The Velvet Coaster (formerly the Lucky Star arcade opposite South Pier), we particularly wanted to have a look at the artwork by Bonkers Clutterbucks. We didn't get that far. 

We always see lots of ghost signs and other assorted old bits and bobs when we're driving around, but it's not really a part of town I'd find myself visiting often so I decided to take advantage of being on foot and grab some photographs. 

This is the only photograph I took, Dan shouted to me and I turned around quickly to see what he's spotted (it was a British Caledonian sign) when I fell over an iron canopy support. It shredded my leggings and dug into my leg. I'm afraid I wasn't very brave! So we had no real choice but to go home as it needed to be cleaned up and it was very painful.

By Sunday morning my leg had started to bruise and had swelled up quite a lot so we decided to not go to day two of the Summer Bash. It has also scuppered our plans to do some work in the garden too. So the weekend has been a bit of a write-off. You can't win them all.


  1. It's a Bank Holiday, get your feet up and relax. (Get well soon.)

  2. Sorry to hear you've hurt your leg. I hope it's feeling a better soon.

  3. So sorry to hear of your fall, it is so easy to do. I hope you enjoyed your restful day, even if it was not as you planned.

  4. Hope your leg gets better soon.

  5. I hope your leg isn't too sore today. I caught my foot when stepping over the bunny pen this morning (it's blocking the bedroom door because of Belle) and I now have a gouge and bruise right on the bone and my, it throbs.

    1. Thanks it is feeling a lot better today.

      I hope your foot starts to heal soon, sounds nasty. Add it to the list of rabbit-induced injuries.