Friday, 1 May 2015


So after all the planning and discussion of the past couple of weeks, we've changed our minds. Well, I've changed my mind and Dan is fine to go along with it. 

The menu plan is taking a healthier turn, although after looking at it it's more tweaks than a total change. The main change is my breakfast, I'm going to try smoothies, I used to have the for breakfast when I was a very healthy person, and we have room on the worktop for the blender so I'll give it a go. 

We have ditched some of the supermarket vouchers, I just went into the town first thing when Dan took the car in for the new tyres and bought the same stuff only from the discount shops. Good news - the tyres were £2.50 each cheaper than last time, that doesn't happen often does it? I received an email from Faith in Nature reminding me that I had £5 to spend with them, and I had a lovely chat with a few people in town. I was offered some free Snail Gel samples from the very lovely lady at Holland and Barrett but, of course, I had to decline, shame because I love a freebie. 

I did fall down slightly by not being prepared this morning. It was really sunny so I just put a cardi on over my dress, when I got out of the car it was freezing. So I went to the charity shop and bought a scarf for £1.99. Upon further examination it should be good as a sarong/ cover up/ dress type thing in the summer. Plus it's a terracotta animal print so it should clash nicely with all my other summer clothes! I also wanted to nip into the shop to find out about certain goings on I can't remember how much I said about my reasons for not volunteering on a Tuesday any longer, but it was in large part to the person I worked with, I found her hard to work alongside. She was let go yesterday. It's kind of sad and the manager feels quite bad about the situation but things had deteriorated so she had to do something. 

The end of April was a little bit of a winner, we ran out of soy milk but we did have some chocolate almond milk - it made for the best breakfast ever according to Dan, who had it poured over his Weetabix. We had also run out of lunch stuff so I made some dhal, using the very simple method from River Cottage Veg Everyday, it was very welcome. I'm mixing the rest with some freekeh tonight and using it to stuff some forlorn looking peppers. Savings are going into the bank today, we have another £2 in coppers to go into the bank too. The savings are less than we'd like but we had to pay for the tyres. I think we've talked ourselves out of a trip to mima this weekend which is probably a very good thing. After a few weeks of being desperate to get out and about we're now not all that bothered. We're just looking forward to a long weekend of relaxation whatever that ends up looking like. 

A little bit of bonus excitement is that the actor Samuel L. Jackson is staying in the town. Tin Burton is filming at Blackpool Tower this week and next so the cast and crew obviously need somewhere nice to stay. Fun times! 


  1. The weather is a bit unpredictable at the moment, Andy insists I don't need a jacket but wears one himself, it's like he doesn't know what a delicate flower I am!

    I had a brief fling with smoothies but got paranoid about how fattening they were as I got a taste for ones made with peanut butter. Of course now I've resurrected the memory, I want them again :|

    1. As soon as I get across the railway bridge and the sea breeze hits it tends to be chilly!

      Please never tell me the recipe for a peanut butter smoothie, I'd be the size of a house.

  2. I love smoothies - I presume you're going for fruit!

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. I have gone for fruit, I've started off with a simple combination of frozen mixed berries, banana, and vanilla soy milk, yummy!