Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Where The Money Goes - May

The budget for May is £150 because we need hay and rabbit food, which will cost £40.50. We have two vouchers, one for £5 off a £35 shop at Booths and the other for £3 off £20 at Sainsbury's. We'll be using both and have written and rewritten lists for each. I'll also need to go to Home Bargains, the health food shop and Superdrug too. 

Most of the Booths shop will be our usual stuff - veg, salad, lunch stuff, washing up liquid, tea, cereal, tofu, general things. Sainsbury's is our go-to place for junk! From there we'll be getting pasta, puy lentils, nut roasts, soy mince, d/f milk, basics stuffing, pitta, houmous and washing up sponges, oil, harissa, bin bags. I am close to needing red lentils too, but I don't know if the huge bags are available, if they are I'll get some. 

We're just over the amount for each voucher. I don't want to go too far over as I'm sure we'll get a till spit from one and we've close to getting a loyalty card voucher from Booths so I can buy other things if we need them later in the month. We also have £5 of Nectar points, but we're trying to save them up in case of emergency.

From the town I'll be getting nuts, seeds, antiperspirant, tortillas and coconut milk. Then I'll be doing a bit of cooking for the freezer and hopefully avoiding the shops for most of the month. 

We also need two tyres. 


  1. After six months of Bob barely eating hay, we're getting through bags at the rate of knots now we have Belle. What do your bunnies eat as the main part of their diet? We try and keep ours on mostly hay with a very small amount of pellets and fresh veg spaced throughout the day.

    1. I'm very relieved that they're both really good eaters, the main part of their diet is hay, we get through a 9.5kg bag every month. Other than that they have a small amount of pellets twice a day and then some veg throughout the day, or whenever I need to get them into the pen!