Friday, 24 April 2015

I Went To The Shop and I Bought

Loads of stuff. 

Before I went out I had another fridge check and found three carrots, success!

After my shift at the shop I went to Sainsbury's and spent £6.19 on peppers, broccoli (cheaper than loose), houmous, chickpeas, milk, pitta (the yellow sticker man called me back as he was about to reduce them), bread and lettuce. It leaves a few bob left over for anything we might need to buy next week. 

Lizzie asked me how I buy veg so cheap, my answer is that I don't really, but I think we use it efficiently. I buy plenty of things that are inexpensive/last a long time (onions, potatoes, carrots, celery) and less of more expensive items/things that don't last all that long. I base our meals around the cheap stuff - like lots of people I use onions, carrots and celery as a base for curries, chilli, stews, pies etc. then add the other veg to fill in the rest. 

We also move from fresh to preserved, I don't try to make things last or buy larger amounts so we don't run out, we just eat the fresh stuff first, then move to salad made up of red cabbage/carrots/peppers/celery, finally we move to jars of beetroot/pickled cabbage/olives/beans or frozen veg. We're also quite flexible about what we buy, if something is on special offer or just a good price because it's in season then we'll buy that and alter the menu plan if needed. 

Hopefully we'll have even more homegrown veg this year than last, we're still eating the onions we grew last year. I doubt I'll ever been keen enough to grow large amounts, but the bits we do grow are more than welcome. 


  1. You did do well!

    Are you both vegetarian or vegan? Myself and my husband Andy are vegetarian (he eats more dairy than I do, my diet is about 90% vegan) I purchased a book of cheap vegan recipes when we were on a tight budget but it soon got tiresome as it fell back so heavily on beans. I grew sick of the sight of tins of the things!

    1. Thank you :)

      I know what you mean about eating the same things over and over. Years ago I spent a fair old while with only tea, rice, peas and popcorn to sustain myself. That was not too much fun.

      We are both vegetarian, I have tried to take the leap but I can't face soy milk in my first cup of tea in the morning so I still have cow milk for that. I've never been a fan of cheese or cream so I didn't give that up, it was something that has never been a part of my diet.

      We tend to have houmous/falafel/beans and salad for lunch, our evening meals are vegan the vast majority of the time. Occasionally I might buy a marinade that contains honey, sometimes I'll buy a packet of crisps where the flavouring contains milk, or some milk chocolate (although we are in love with Nakd bars at the minute) but that's as far as it goes.

    2. During the one shopping trip in a month, the last week saw us eating risotto with spinach (frozen) for near on the whole week and that next shopping trip, I thought my taste buds would explode with the new foods!

      I was the same as you with tea until I tried Alpro simply mild and I had to check if it was 'my' milk in the tea. I now have a supermarket brand soy milk. Usually Waitrose or Sainsbury.

      I would go fully vegan but dark chocolate just doesn't do it for me and vegan chocolate is too expensive, also I haven't found a vegan 'cheese' which is that good, though Cheezly is palatable when cooked on a pizza.

    3. Ha! I can imagine. After my rice and popcorn experience I vowed that I would always have a good pantry if it was at all possible so I didn't ever get stuck eating the same meal constantly.

      I'm fine with non-dairy milk most of the time, it's just that first cup. Obviously it can't be anything to do with the taste if I'll have it the rest of the time, so it must be psychological. The games I play with myself!

  2. Thanks for the answer - I'd say that we use veg quite inefficiently here and we could definitely learn from you :)

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. Thanks Lizzie, hope it helped a bit. I think my food might be too spicy for your taste though!