Wednesday, 8 April 2015

April Week One Roundup

We put the savings into the bank and haven't thought about money since. There have been a few things we thought we were going to spend money on bit didn't, such as having to take Big Grey to the vet (she's fine now). Dan has book a fortnight off work at the end of June, so we'll be working towards having a bit of cash to spend for that. 

Five things from the past week

1. we started using the soap we made back in March. It doesn't look great as  just chopped up it rather than making it look lovely, but it's actually very nice, lightly frothy and gentle, even on Dan's skin. 

2. Dan has started cycling to work. 

3. At the third time of planting we have a chilli plant! Just one of the... 12 seeds we've planted, but we now have lift off. One plant may be enough, we're only just near the end of the chillies we were given and froze last year. 

4. I'm in the middle of darning all my socks. My winter boots (now deceased) were quite slouchy so one of my feet was always sliding round meaning the right foot of each pair of socks have a hole!

5. Although we didn't have the sunshine and gorgeous weather lots of other folk did over the Easter weekend we're using the heating less, and laundry is drying fairly well outside. 

A quiet week on the money saving front. I think this month will be quiet in general as there's not a great deal spare to squeeze from the remaining budget. It's our proper anniversary this week i.e the anniversary of when we met. We were planning to go to Peterlee via Bowes Museum for the Gerald Scarfe exhibition. I'm not overly fussed by the majority of things at Bowes, but admission is free with the Art Pass so it would be OK to nip in just for this, plus we usually need to stop around there when we visit that neck of the woods. Now we think that might be a bit of a long day, especially as the bunny was a bit wonky last week, but then again the only expense will be fuel, so we'll see. 


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary of when you met, we celebrate ours as well.

    1. Thank you. We make more of a "thing" out of it than the wedding anniversary as, to us, it's more significant.