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Week Three Round Up

The past week has been a little bit more expensive as we're on holiday. We went to Sale to see Jon Ronson, although the tickets had been paid for months ago. On Saturday we went to Coventry as mentioned, we booked tickets to see Michael Crick in Manchester, and the train tickets to get there. But it was all in the budget so it has just gone to show us that if we choose to do things we really want to do over mooching around and spending on things we feel we get more for our money. 

Next month we won't be saving as much as we have a couple of birthday gifts to buy and we need to have something done to the car. So our mini challenge will be to not buy any food or drinks when we're out and about (unless we go for a night out). I just mean the coffee that it's easy to grab when we really want a sit down, or the cake we share when it just seems like a nice idea. It will be interesting.

The past week has prepared us for the quite well. Whenever we've been out Dan has made sandwiches (something I hate doing) and a flask of coffee, we take a bottle of water too. There are also some Fruit Shoots left from when the children came to visit, they're not actually all that nice to drink but they are not the worst thing in the world and they'll keep us going for quite a while. 

Five things from this week 

They're more spending than saving but that's the way things go!

1. Dan used a loyalty voucher to make our train tickets a little cheaper. We also qualified for a duo ticket which makes it buy one - get one half price 

2. I bought a summer dress from the charity shop for 99p. 

3. read, then passed on, three magazines my mum gave to me

4. my bum is a little smaller this week so another skirt now fits that didn't fit me before!

5. sewed up some scraps to make my pink quilt a bit bigger, rather than buy new fabric (which is what I really wanted to do), it looks good


  1. We can not always be careful, I feel if we can have good weeks then we have saved for the more expensive times. Love what you are doing.

    1. Thank you.

      This is the thing, I spend most of my time at home or bodding around locally that days out are really important, to the extent that they're maybe a little overstuffed! We have still saved half our take home pay this month though so it's not to be sniffed at.

  2. We go to classic car shoes throughout the summer and always take with us a little one burner stove, kettle, teabags/coffee/a tetra pack of milk and all the accoutrements of brew making as it's just nice to be able to have a cuppa whenever you want. If the weather looks as it's not suitable for efficient stove use, like pouring rain or high wind, we just take a few flasks. It was me who got us on this tack, as I'm used to camping. I also begrudge the cost of a coffee at these events, where the prices are always high.

    At the moment, I'm vainly trying to find some stuff to take to the charity shop as I really need to declutter.

    1. I'm getting into the swing of taking a picnic now. As well as money it also saves time as we're not looking for somewhere to eat then waiting to be served etc. That's all time we could be spending looking around.

      I agree with you about the prices and it's great to just be able to plonk yourself down and have a brew whenever the fancy takes you.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm made up with it. It was originally from New Look, so won't have been expensive but it's in good condition and really suits me so why pay more?

  4. Did you enjoy Coventry? The summer dress sounds like a real bargain! Jx

    1. I really, really did enjoy it, I took 243 photographs, which is pretty good going for me. I learned so much that I probably would never have known if left to my own devices. I can't wait to go back to see all the things we didn't have to time to explore this time round. I know I'm going to become a real bore telling people about it!


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