Sunday, 1 March 2015

Trolley Dash

Today we went to Sainsbury's. This doesn't alter anything, the menu plan is the same, the spending plan is the same, we just did a stock up. It all started yesterday when I half heard something on the radio about cheap petrol.

I checked online and the offer was 10p per litre off petrol when you spend £30, until Wednesday. Dan liked the sound of the offer as the tank was very low. Dan had a look in his wallet and found a soon-to-expire voucher for £3 off a £30 spend, so we got to work. We wrote a menu plan for the month, checked for any non-food items we needed and I checked the prices on the website. Done. 

This morning we decided we would like a little time out of the house, and we needed to go go the tip anyway so we combined the errands. I remembered to take the list and Dan had the calculator on his phone to help us tot up. The first minor annoyance was the trolley pound. We don't usually use supermarkets where you need a pound for the trolley. Luckily Dan had a fiver so he bought a cheap thing off the list so we could get going. Second minor annoyance was that the shop didn't have everything we had on the list, but we it wasn't the end of the world, we spent more on a couple of things but a lot less on others. Of course I remembered a couple of other things I wanted to buy too, but they were things I usually buy at Home Bargains, so that's saved me a trip later in the month. 

We managed to get some multibuy deals, so we are fine for soy milk for weeks! So we saved a few quid there and got the voucher off. We saved just over £4 with the petrol deal. It was stressful though! Was it worth it to save £7? Hmmm, just about I think. We'll see for sure at the end of the month.  


  1. I think getting a petrol deal is always worth it personally :)

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. You're probably right. I don't really see the benefit as it comes from Dan's budget (i.e there's no money for my change jar!).

  2. I think it's great when you get those petrol vouchers but it does have to be things you want. I remember when Waitrose sent us a £6 off £40 voucher and I went round and stocked up on things that would last and remember being really pleased because the organic shower gels we like (we can only get them in Waitrose) were a third off anyway, so we bought 6 months worth of shower gel! Was great x

  3. You're right, sticking to necessary things is important to make the voucher worthwhile. We bought boring but necessary things like toothpaste and bunny litter, all those things I hate spending money on but use all the time.

  4. This might seem like quite a lot of effort for a relatively small save... but several trips like this will soon add up to a major saving over the year. Jx