Friday, 6 March 2015

Round Up

It's been a bit of a wonky week, so I'll be glad when it's Saturday. Normally I'd be happy for it to be Friday but I am going out this evening so won't get to relax properly until I get into bed tonight.

We saved £7 on the stock up shop and petrol purchase on Sunday.

Just in time for our shopping trip I received a £5 voucher from the supermarket. We also managed to snaffle a few reduced bargains, we saved just under £10 in all so £10 will be going into savings today.

We haven't bought anything other than groceries and petrol so nothing to report there. 

The exercise, although slack this week, is working as I can now fit into a couple of skirts that were a little tight before, so now my wardrobe is bigger for no spend.

The first signs of leek growth are there. I'm staying away from the garden centre, just planting the seeds we have. I think Father might have a couple of plants or some veg for me I will happily accept them and offer some chilli plants in return. 

I fell out with the blue quilt, so the pink lap quilt is out. I've done lots of pressing and cutting this morning (I like to do it in the morning because the heating is still on and I can lean against the radiator!). I'll be working on the back (pictured above) today. 

Tonight is curry night, I'm going to attempt to make naan for the first time (Dan usually deals with bread), I'm also going to make raita as we have some dried mint leaves, and some baked onion bhajis. As you know I'm not an enthusiastic cook but when I'm in the mood I'm in the mood!

This weekend is home-based. We'll be walking to the library, making some bread, hopefully spending some time in the garden and otherwise doing not much. 


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    1. A couple more have appeared this morning! I am ridiculously excited about them. I am a simple lass.

  2. I hope the weather has given you a nice day for gardening. It's been amazingly warm here today. Jx

    1. I don't think the weather was quite as good here as in other areas of the country, but we did manage to get into the garden for a couple of hours. We did a fair bit of tidying.

      I am pleased to report one or two of my snowdrop bulbs did flower this year. The packet said they may not in the first year, so I'm made up that they did!