Thursday, 12 March 2015


- we went to another talk last night. This time to hear Heather Phillipson at The Grundy. We'd seen Heather's show at the Grundy in Blackpool last year, so it was very exciting to have her back again. It was a little less slick than it might have been, but the curator of the gallery has been struck down with the dreaded vomiting virus so obvious he couldn't attend. Poor lad. 

Minus - I have acquired a cold from somewhere and feel knocked off my feet. This is the second one this year, not like me at all

Plus - my best mate is coming to visit next week

Minus - my boots finally gave up the ghost 

Plus - there's a little more money to add to savings

Minus - the house is a mess

Plus - yesterday I wore a skirt that didn't fit two weeks ago

Minus - the rabbits are very quiet, this usually means trouble

Plus - We have a couple more talks booked

Plus - Dan has been offered a little extra job at the election count

Plus - bargain! A margarita mocktail for 20p (pictured)

Plus - freebie! A bag from the Contemporary Art Society, I carried my mocktail home in it.

Plus - should anyone be interested, the event we went to at Edge Hill University "The Divided Self" is now available to view here.


  1. More pluses, which is good. Hope you feel better soon, as for the house oh well there's always tomorrow.

    1. Thank you, I do feel a little better today.

      I have started on the house, and I already regret that decision!

  2. I love this idea for a post - great way to end on a plus too.

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. Thanks Lizzie, there are always more good things than bad.

  3. That mocktails sounds delicious. You have some great plus's. Hope rabbits are ok and that your cold gets better soon.

    1. Thanks.

      The mocktail is really nice, very zingy and refreshing, especially with some fizzy water. I think Dan may head off to Sainsbury's for some more (he only works next door, so no hardship).