Tuesday, 3 March 2015



where am I? in the kitchen

what's the sky like? grey, shaking off the poor attempt at snow

what am I wearing? grey yoga trousers (never seen a day of yoga in their lives, I just had a moment in Hebden Bridge), black Burnley FC jumper (I have been to Turf Moor, also had moments there).

what's motivating me? washing up, wondering why I'm been stared at by two men in a white van, avoiding exercise, tofu


where am I? the town!

what's the sky like? really very blue, really very windy

what am I wearing? black jeans, black boots, grey jumper, black jacket, very springlike

what's motivating me? dental floss, avoiding a chugger


where am I? at home

what's the sky like? grey-blue, still windy

what am I wearing? grey jumper, black jeans, flip flops

what's motivating me? Dance Moms (highbrow), hay, pretending for yet another month that I'll keep up with the spending diary (this will be the 87th month in a row)


  1. The weather has been weird here too - sunny yet snowy.

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. We rarely get snow, so I was surprised to see even some tiny flakes blowing about.