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Good Shot!

A really long time ago I started scanning in some of my old photographs, inspired by a book launch we attended (not as grand as it sounds). You may or may not know as well as being a fan of concrete I am a fan of football grounds. The photograph above is my favourite, taken in 2002 at The McCain Stadium in Scarborough. 

This, of Giant Axe (best name ever) in Lancaster comes a close second

There used to be the food and football one stop shop in Hull too

For the best football photographs (which are also a record of social history, terrible haircuts, advertising and fashion, if you're not interested in sport) have a peek at Homes of Football, it's fantastic. 


  1. Replies
    1. We used to shop at Kwik Save all the time. The shop is now a Wetherspoon pub!

  2. Good pics, I like the snack bar and castle one. Regal and snack food together!

    1. Lots of my football ground pictures contain the snack bar *yum*, not too many also feature a castle!


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