Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Curry Curry Curry

Campfire asked yesterday how I make my curries. The answer is, it's a mix of things. 

For a quick and easy curry I use the Patak's paste, they're often available for around £1 and last a while, so they're good value to me. For Thai curry I use the big pouch in the bottom left, again these are on offer a few times a year for just over £1, we get 12 lots from a pouch.  I freeze the the paste in portion sized amounts, really convenient. I do have recipes for Thai-style pastes though so I might try making my own, especially as we have planted some chillies - although they are showing no signs of life. 

For the rest - stuffed mushrooms, dhal, lentil curry, potatoes, bhajis, rice etc I use spices. I've mentioned before that I really like Seasoned Pioneers, the pouches are small, but I wouldn't get through a bigger packet, and they last for yonks so I think they're value for money (although I know lots of people might wince at the cost). For the past couple of years I've had to buy from the direct but Booths has now started stocking them again *hooray*. 

For recipes I usually turn to Anjum's Indian Vegetarian Feast (I bought it from The Book People) as the recipes are clear and easy to follow. A couple of exceptions, I use this recipe for mung bean dhal and always make the baked onion bhajis from here

I think that's all there is to say about that!

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