Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Wrapping Up

We had thought there would be another bit of cash to chuck into savings at the end of this month, but then we remembered bunny vaccinations so that put paid to that. 

We made soap at the weekend. It did involve the purchase of a mixing bowl but otherwise it was free. It's now doing what it needs to do on top of the fridge for the next thee weeks. 

I still haven't planted anything. 

I've done some more exercise and am getting smaller, but also more hungry. 

The quilt is coming together quite quickly, I'm very pleased about it. 

Next month we have a few things to look forward to. We're going to Lancaster for another university talk, we're also seeing Jon Ronson (a belated birthday present) and there's a landsailing event on the beach one weekend which could be fun, if the weather is good. Also, we must plant something. Dan has also mentioned decorating. 

I've done the pantry inventory. The lemon and herb marinade is still there. I really want to put off a big shopping trip for as long as possible, I'm hoping to a couple of purchases will stretch things out for a while, I need a tin of baked beans and some passata. Next week's food will then look like this 

Sunday - lemon and herb tofu (let's see if that happens!)
Monday - stirfry with roast tofu
Tuesday - shepherdess pie
Wednesday - shepherdess pie
Thursday - dhal (I made double yesterday)

So without giving it any further thought, it looks like shopping night will be Thursday of next week. Prior to that we need passata, baked beans, bunny greens, milks, chickpeas or something for Dan's lunches. Not too bad. Maybe after that I'll cook something interesting, but I doubt it, simple all the way next month I think.  


  1. I find that exercising makes me more hungry too. You are doing so well in living from your pantry. Very inspirational.

    1. Thanks. I think we've stretched it to 14 evenings now with a but of thought, so we'll only need lunch stuff for the next couple of weeks. I'm very happy about it as we're having our massive savings push next month.

  2. Replies
    1. It should be good, it's by the politician Alan Milburn.

  3. I thought you had said 'bunny vacations' !!! Sounded interesting. Good job I re-read it. You sound busy it is a wonder you have time to cook at all. We have a few good nights then a few easy meal nights - as we have my elder daughter and her partner living here again for a while there is never anything left to carry over.

    1. Oooh, if the bunnies could go on vacation then so could I. That would be amazing!

      I think a few easy night mixed in with a few "proper cooking" nights is a good way to do it. I can't tie myself up in knots all the time. I can imagine there's not much extra knocking around with other people living with you.