Wednesday, 4 February 2015



Where am I? In the garage

What am I wearing? amazing dress, flip flops, grey cardigan

What's the sky like? not visible

what's motivating me? looking for a suspected bag of hay, saving money


Where am I? behind the counter at the charity shop

What am I wearing? amazing dress, black tights, sparkly boots, yellow cardigan

What's the sky like? beautiful blue

what's motivating me? finding a new fleece for LJ, coffee, talking about Slimming World, and of course doing my good deeds for the day!


Where am I? in the car at Edge Hill University

What am I wearing? as 2pm plus a striped scarf

What's the sky like? darkening to a lovely inky blue

what's motivating me? finding the Health and Social Care building for our lecture "The Divided Self" with Prof. Geoff Beattie (free lecture, drinks and buffet provided). 

Linking to Mum's blog today as she gave me the push to do one of these for the first time in ages. Thanks Mum!


  1. Hey, cheers. Hope you enjoyed the lecture. Edge Hill brings back memories for me.

    1. I really did, it was energising to be back in that setting. The campus was lovely and very easy to navigate, and everyone seemed so proud of the place.

  2. What a nice idea - I may try it myself at the weekend (my week days are not worth posting about at the moment!) Jx

    1. I had a blog before and all the posts were like this, but it disappeared into the ether so I set up home here instead. I do it like this purely because my days are so eventless, it's still fun to think of things :)