Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Very End of February.

February was successful. At the end of the month we added another £50 into savings which was fantastic. It has spurred us on to have a real push in March. I already have in my possession a large (for us) cheque, I tried to pay it in this morning on our way to the charity shop and the tip, but the cash machine had no deposit envelopes and the last time I tried to pay in at the counter the cashier told me off as my savings account is supposed to be a postal one. It can wait until Monday where our bank has just had a mini refurb so all the machines are new and I don't need to deal with silly things like envelopes.

On Friday I dealt with the veg lurking in the. Along with the 36p tomatoes we bought a lettuce so that was washed and spun. The celery, red cabbage and carrots we bought at the start of the month were still going so I chopped the rest of them and put them into a grab-and-go salad bowl. Winter salads are great, the ingredients are so cheap and can be used for stews and other hot meas too - carrots, onion, celery, beetroot etc. Left to my own devices I would just have a piece of toast or similar, but if the salad is ready to go then lunch is far more interesting (I've tried making soup, I'm not a fan). 

We ran out of handwash in the kitchen, so I just swapped the bath soap for a shower gel that was going to go to the charity shop and the soap is now in the kitchen. Non-problem solved, sorry charity you're down 50p. 

I starting the seed sowing, my biggest problem is that we only have one windowsill in the house, so Dan's dressing room has turned into a greenhouse. Some of the flower seeds are very old, they may not grow, but they certainly won't if I never plant them. 

We did buy a couple of things. Dan had his hair cut, but the service at his usual salon was so bad he left without being chopped. He had an appointment yet they left him sitting there for 20 minutes without speaking to him, they only said something when he asked the receptionist for his coat. He went the following day to a barber shop near his office and paid £12 less. It doesn't look as nice but it looks pretty good. 

I bought a lip pencil, some crisps and a cardigan, a total cost of £3. 

We have also had another very serious chat, about excellence and trying your hardest all the time. We agreed it's not necessary.  


  1. I do admire your tenacity in sticking to your non spending. You are both doing so well on your virtual pay cut regime. I enjoy reading about your progress.

  2. Another £50 is excellent. Inspired by you in doing it on a smaller scale, just 1% of my monthly income in a sealed tin. Little steps! Well done :)

    1. Thank you. Well done for boosting your sealed tin, it's amazing how much can be put away in those pots without you really noticing. Good luck!