Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Experiment

We are getting towards the end of the first month of living on less money. Well, we really started right after we'd had the idea in mid-January so we had a little bit of a run up. January and the start of February are made easier by the fact we both have our birthday, so there's generally a little bit of a cash boost and gifts to scratch the itch of shopping. 

So far there's not all that much to report. We have been spending time at home, just relaxing, Dan has a couple of library books and I've started up again with the quilt, so easy no-spend activities there. We spent most of the weekend at the beach which is also fun and free if we avoid the walk through town on the way there and back, easy to do.

I have bought one or two things from the charity shop but have only spent £1.99 on the Sea Swallow book and an ironing board cover - cheaper than a new board. I haven't window shopped on my way there or home, I've taken the beach route to avoid the town and not really browsed while I've been volunteering. Something I've found amazingly easy, I thought that would be the most difficult thing. 

The freezer is full as I did some cooking on Monday. The house is really really clean and tidy, I've done some exercise and can now fit into two skirts that didn't quite fit before, and things are just plodding along. We don't need anything at the moment thankfully and we haven't been looking for things to spend money on. So it's a fairly uneventful month so far. It's a huge relief to see the savings looking more healthy though.