Friday, 27 February 2015

Tastes Like Chicken

We ate the freekeh this week.

Freekeh is toasted young wheat grains. According to the box it's a good source of fibre and is high in protein. To compare, freekeh contains 18.5g protein per 100g which is higher than quinoa 14g, cashews 17g and bison 18g, and it's just below turkey 19g (according to this Men's Fitness article).

Were you to ask me how it tasted like I'd have to say it tastes a bit nutty, which is the veg*n version of it tastes like chicken. I say that not in a rude way, we both really enjoyed it. I can't say it was inexpensive, I think we paid £2 for a box big enough to provide for two meals. Nor did we do anything experimental with it, we cooked it and ate it with some dhal (which was such a hit on the first night we had the same thing the following night). I will certainly buy it again, but due to the cost it won't be something we have on a weekly basis, but that's the only reason. I'll be more adventurous with it next time round.

Fly the town hall flag, we also ate (some of) the orzo! I bought this almost a year ago when I was cooking from the River Cottage Veg book, but it never happened and I'd avoided it ever since. But I used it last night, along with a pouch of puy lentils to stuff some peppers. Turns out I really enjoyed it!

Yesterday I cleaned the fridge and did some cooking for the weekend. Managed to pick up some fancy looking tomatoes for 36p, we'll have them with the tofu when it's cooked in that pesky lemon and herb marinade. We have a shepherdess pie in the pyrex, the blue lid has the leftover baked beans, Dan will have them on toast tonight whenever he gets home from Newcastle. I'm going to have some of the puy lentils with pasta tonight, I'll make an extra portion to have with the aforementioned tofu (yes, I'd forgotten he was away when I did the menu plan). 

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