Tuesday, 17 February 2015


I used to be a fit person who ate very healthy food, avoided junk and did lots of exercise. I am now not like that, even so I was shocked when I had to run along the beach with my niece*, I was worn out. So today I shifted the coffee table out of the way and did an exercise dvd. The rabbits were horrified. 

We had a great day at the beach on Sunday, Dan, Father and I ran around with the older children and everyone else strolled on the prom with the little one. We visited the RNLI station where I tried on the rescue gear, I carried a wriggling 6 year old until my arms gave way, we discussed tapas, why we lived near the sea, the purpose of statues, favourite superheroes (not my strongest subject), and the relative merits of different animals.

We had an early night.

Also, menu plan for the week - 

Sunday - out

Monday - stirfry w. noodles and cashews 

Tuesday - overly-hot goulash with roast celeriac

Wednesday - chilli

Thursday - jacket potatoes with chilli

Friday - veg balti

Saturday - peppers stuffed with lentils and freekeh

*she's not technically my niece, she's the daughter of my brother's girlfriend, but niece is close enough. 


  1. We think we eat well, until we factor in all our treats, I could not run at all. We today is the start of lent, so time to kick start my diet.

    1. That sounds like me, I can be a a bit of a snacker.

  2. I think you eat really healthily - I wish I had your planning.

    Lizzie Dripping

    1. I am a fan of biscuits and snacks though, our meals are healthy, I just have a few too many extras at the minute!