Monday, 23 February 2015


One thing the first pay cut month has thrown up is how many opportunities we have. I know we know that there are opportunities everywhere to but not only realise, acknowledge, and even embrace them is a bit different. 

We've saved over our aim for this month and we aim to save double in March, what this push has done is opened up conversation about things we wouldn't have considered before. Not just the small things like the TV subscription, shopping and all the free things around us, but also bigger things. There's always the car conversation (we have this every couple of years) but Dan headed off to work this morning to ask what his voluntary redundancy would be worth, turns out it's not lots but it's not bad. This is something we would never have even thought about before but now it's on the table, only as a point of discussion but it's another thing to think and discuss seriously. You can't change your life without doing things differently after all. 

I had a very exciting evening on Sunday, we went to St Helens to watch a game of rugby, Saints were playing South Sydney. Souths are my Australian team, so to be able to see them in the flesh was amazing! We saw Russell Crowe too, but only from a distance, he certainly wasn't on the standing terrace like us!

Food for this week - 

Sunday - toast! (it was very late)

Monday - spiced root veg stew

Tuesday - dhal 

Wednesday - stuffed peppers (we didn't have them the other night for some reason)

Thursday - chestnut pie with mash

Friday - chickpea curry

Saturday - kind of moussaka

Not very inspired, but it's what we have in and I want to put off going shopping for as long as possible. 


  1. Wow, it sounds like you might be on the verge of making some exciting changes. Even if you don't, it's always good to know of the possibilities. It helps make you feel you have more choices.

    1. Maybe! It's odd as having the option has made us both be more honest about how good/bad the current situation is, but as you say feeling that more options are open to us is a good feeling.

  2. I am LIKING the sound of your meals- I am a complete sucker for dahl!

    1. Me too. I had never made it myself until last month. I had some for my lunch when it was my birthday and I knew I wanted it as a staple on the menu, simple and delicious. Plus that jar of turmeric is finally being put to use.

  3. It's an interesting experience to re-think every aspect of income and out-goings. My planned changes have thrown up plenty of 'bigger questions' about where Mark and I plan to be as a couple in a few years time. Jx

    1. It's fascinating isn't it. The more we think and talk about it the more things there are to think and talk about.