Tuesday, 3 February 2015

New Supermarket and Menu Plan

We usually shop at a local supermarket, Booths, but a few weeks ago we found ourselves in Morrisons when we needed just one or two things. We decided to try it out for our stock up shop as it seemed quite cheap. 

£46.79 did net us a lot of food. Some of the vegetables were inexpensive compared to our usual place, we didn't need/want most of the 69p veg selection but we did get 800g sweet potatoes and 1.2kg of carrots for 69p each. Dan picked up some heavily reduced bread, which is now sliced and in the freezer, and I confess there were a few things there that we hadn't seen before, such as some vegan slices for his lunch. Oh and we paid £4 for 12.5kg of potatoes. Non-fresh things weren't that much cheaper though, maybe a couple of pence here and there with some items and a little more expensive gram for gram with others e.g the own brand tins of beans were only 300g rather than 400g, we eat a lot of beans so it made more sense to buy the branded item instead. We also noticed that virtually all the tins we picked up were dented. 

So will we shop there again? Yes, but we'd go to the larger store that sells larger bags of lentils and dried things, I don't think we'll shop there regularly though, maybe once or twice a year, I think we'll do just as well with our usual combination of the supermarket and Home Bargains.

I've decided to not menu plan for the month, but week by week, so here's the plan for the first week of February.

1. mushroom pie w. ratatouille and sweet potato chips

2. bottom of the fridge Thai-style stirfry w. brown rice

3. falafel wrap (we're eating on the run)

4. spinach dhal

5. Root veg paprikash

6. squash stuffed with beans

7. leftovers with jacket potatoes

Tree update! The branches are still visible above the wall so I can see what a popular perching post it is for all and sundry. I have giggled a lot at the antics of the pigeons who are using the stumps as a diving board to launch themselves into the ivy in our garden. It is not the most graceful movement I have ever seen, but they seem to benefit from it.