Monday, 9 February 2015

Food Time Again

I seem to be doing nothing but think about food at the minute, which makes me less hungry than ever! Dan is off out and about so I have all day today to do whatever I want, despite this I'm going to do some cooking. Partly for this week, partly for the freezer and partly to make sure I eat something while he's away. Although I haven't got off to a great start on the eating something while he's away front. I had some chocolate chilli penguins for breakfast

8. toast

9. chestnut and mushroom stew* w. veg (in theory, the reality may be different)

10 chestnut and mushroom cobbler*

11 jacket potatoes w. pepper sauce

12 roast veg pasta we're off out to another lecture

13 lentil, squash and sweet potato curry*

14 l/o

* things I'm making for the freezer. 

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