Tuesday, 10 February 2015


I read a couple of posts yesterday about wonderful days out, home or away and they made me think about how little time I spend at the beach. It's something Dan and I talk about quite a lot but it really struck home. It's right there but a week or two can go by and I won't walk on the sand. Weirdly we spend lots of time on beaches, not just our own.

Speaking of Dan. He comes home today from his work thing. His being away has made me realise how much he does for me, for the house. I mean, I had to get myself up and out of bed! It's been a good thing in a way because I've had time to miss him and time to see what I get up to when I'm on my own. 

I think I've started to appreciate the impact the shop has had on me, and how I have some genuine friends there, I'm trying to not seem so surprised when I'm included in things these days. 

Finally, I appreciate the hand quilting thread I bought last year from Empress Mills in Colne. I've just run out and am having to stitch with something else. It's not as sturdy, but it'll do the trick, having to stop would be the worst thing.


  1. Like wise. We don't go down to the beach all that often either and we only live a couple of miles away from it. But when we do go we love it and have fun.

    1. It's so easy to take things for granted isn't it. We're trying to slow down at weekends so I hope we;ll spend more time enjoying things close to home.