Monday, 12 January 2015

Money Stuff

Dan returned to work today after a thee week holiday. He's spent much of that time looking for ways to deal with his emotions and the stress surrounding his job and some of his colleagues. Nothing has been off limits really, but he's made friend with meditation and mindfulness. 

Due to another strand we've been exploring we're embarking on a new experiment/ way of living. Dan has been having a look at what's available in the jobs market. There's not a lot around here, and jobs he has seen are on a much lower salary. So, from next month we're giving ourselves a 25% pay cut.

This will be helpful for a number of reasons, mainly so we can have a rough idea of how things might be if the household income was lower, but for other reasons too. Obviously it will be a great chance for us to bolster the savings, but the most important thing, other than day to day living, will be to learn to deal with occasional expenses such as new glasses, car expenses, vet bills, Dan's prepayment prescription, a new suit and other work clothes for Dan, emergency fund, saving for general house things (boiler etc), gifts, and all manner of other things. 

We're going to divide the savings part of it into different accounts. The 25% we're cutting out off the top will go into one account. Whatever amount per month we can save from the new budget will go into another account, we just think this will help us keep an accurate record of where we are, rather than adding it to the amount we already have saved. 

Any job cuts and redundancies will be announced in December, so we have until then at least to work on this, firstly to see what can be done without altering too much about our lifestyle, then we can start to see a out deeper cuts and what they would mean. We have more than enough stuff to keep us entertained for as long as we like. We have exercise equipment (and a desire to be a bit fitter), tons of craft opportunities, the garden to get on with, tons of DIY to do, a big beach nearby, a half decent library, and each other, it should be more than fine. 


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    1. Thanks Lizzie, I'm sure there will lots of updates.

  2. I am exploring a similar journey as I am 'making myself redundant' in the summer. It's great to find some-one else in the 'blogosphere' with the same concerns. Jx

    1. Hi, thanks for nipping in, I'll be interested to see how you deal with things as they come up too.