Thursday, 1 January 2015

January Menu Plan

A few days later than usual but December is a funny old month isn't it!

The cobbled together curry ended up being pretty luxurious (for us) we used an onion, carrot, broccoli, mushrooms, peas, sweetcorn, Thai paste, coconut milk and topped it with avocado, pumpkin seeds and cashews, served with udon noodles. 

We still have a couple of meals in the freezer, so that makes for an easy weekend. Next week is a bit wonky as we will be out and about doing birthday stuff, but we don't know when, and at the start of the week Dan has some medical tests so won't be eating. 

1. lentil balti (fr)
2. Thai spiced rice l/o coconut milk
3. shepherdess pie (fr)

4. shepherdess pie (fr)
5. spiced mushrooms w. tandoori potatoes
6. -
7. -
8. out
9. -
10 -

11 -
12 bean tagine w. harissa and coriander
13 leek & butterbean crumble
14 lentil bol
15 haggis (fr)
16 l/o haggis
17 enchiladas

18 sausage casserole half pack
19 spice roasted squash w. plaki & wraps
20 ratatouille w. l/o squash
21 l/o w. jacket potatoes
22 lentil tagine w. ginger and ras el hanout
23 toasties fr falafel
24 curry & rice

25 roast
26 goulash l/o half pack sausages
27 pepper stifry
28 some kind of pie
29 puy lentil pasta
30 chickpea curry w. baked bhajis and naan
31 tofu sandwich w. wedges

Yes, I have borrowed a tagine book from the library!

We have a fair amount of ingredients in the pantry/freezer already - beans, pastry, lentils, passata, falafel, potatoes, spices, haggis, v-pud, rice, pasta. We need things for breakfast and lunch, plus fresh stuff. The food budget is £120, mainly because we'll be using the main budget for the meals out we have next week.