Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Heat Is On

The man came to fix the boiler, luckily for me he was waiting for a part for another job so he came early! Perhaps unsurprisingly had we had the boiler serviced we wouldn't have reached this point. As I said at the time Dan contacted our amazing boiler guy but he has retired due to ill health. 

Anyway, the guy came and in the end the boiler was fixed with a blob of my lipbalm!

The downside is that we had to hand over £75. This means we have no money left for any Christmas frippery. We had been flip flopping about a Christmas tree, so don't yet have one and now can't afford one. So, I faced my fear and got the sewing machine out... something is in the pipeline, let's hope it works out!


  1. Having the heating over Christmas is far more important. Your sewing project sounds intriguing.

    1. Yes indeed. Hopefully I should have something to show for my sewing by Friday, if not tomorrow.