Thursday, 11 December 2014

Empty Cupboards

The junk drawer doesn't look too bad
I've been having a lovely time just recently, making things, going out for coffee with my friend from the shop, relaxing with Dan. I seem to have so much free time. Surely something had to give. Well I looked around this morning and I now have some idea what I've been avoiding. 

The table looks a bit crafty.

I'm not sure what happened in the spare room. 

As for the chair in my bedroom, what can I say? 

I think the evidence speaks for itself, I must have very empty cupboards! 


  1. I'm so glad that there are other people like me with piles of 'stuff' dotted around the home. Even if I put mine in cupboards and drawers they seem to just come out again to hang around.

    1. I'm also glad that folk are willing to confess to a bit of mess!

  2. I love being organised too, I've wandered away from that recently though!