Monday, 29 December 2014

Fun Fabrics

Duke Bar, Burnley would not feature near the top of most lists of places for a fun day out. However, Dan and I found ourselves there on Saturday afternoon. Not only is there a cracking view of Pendle Hill, tucked away on Bright St off Colne Rd is Immanuel Fabrics, sadly I have no photos. 

It's an old chapel at the end of a terraced street, and is nothing much to look at, we knew it was open as there was a cheerful bloke having a brew outside when we arrived. Through the narrow doorway into the main section, to the right is a very full cutting table and I assume a till, a table with some elastic, trimmings etc then the room opens up and the fabric is there. Oh yes, the fabric is there, lots of it, more than you're imagining - let's put it this way, there's a side room housing only tartan and checked fabrics. 

The pricing structure is simple, the bolts and rolls are piled up and on the end of each shelf there's a price per metre. There's an amazing jumble sale of a room at the back where all fabrics are £1 a metre, all types of fabric from upholstery to nets. I was looking for quilting fabric, someone else was looking for curtain fabric and two groups of ladies were planning to make clothes. I think I bought something from the more expensive end of the scale, £5/m, ideal for my pink quilt. 

Service is quick and efficient, browsing is neither.

Did I mention it's cheap? It's also cold, wrap up well! If you need to warm up afterwards there's an Oddies bakers nearby, perfect for a butter pie, or my favourite East Lancastrian delicacy - the potato pasty (it's a pasty full of mash).


  1. Sounds a wonderful shop. Never heard of a potato pasty,Sounds interesting.

    1. It really is wonderful, maybe I should go back, just to take some pictures of course, not to chose some more fabrics!

      I'd never heard of butter pies or potato pasties before we moved to East Lancashire. Actually I didn't know anything about the many and varied brilliant things about that bit of the country until we moved there. My best mate moved to Burnley a few years ago and he's always saying that he loves how much of a well kept secret it is. All the more hills and Benedictine for him!

  2. Replies
    1. It's a bit different for me but I love it.