Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Checking Up On Toiletries

Way back in January I examined our toiletries, today I revisited them to see how things were going. I took the things I wouldn't use - like foot scrub and bath salts, to the charity shop (where the bath salts were stolen, I found the box empty one day). Some things were downgraded to bath cleaner, and the other stuff we used up. Although I don't think I've reduced the amount we have 

taken in a dark and dim bathroom this morning! 

Quite a lot of the stuff is Dan's, shaving foam, hair conditioner, body sprays, 4 bottles of the shampoo, facemask and a body wash are his. My mum gave me another bottle of shampoo when she visited the other week, but everything else is stuff I've bought and that we use. I have also got rid of the laundry basket I had all the stuff on in the first picture too. 

I'm fairly pleased that we are now almost down to things that are suitable for our needs. We still have rather a lot of shampoo but Dan is currently very happy with "I Love Juicy" from Lush, he bought a bottle last week as we've fallen foul of them discontinuing a product we like in the past. We also seem to have fallen on our feet with moisturisers, we already used one from Faith In Nature, but I bought an oil at the vegan fair and it is great for Dan's skin, hopefully that will last a good long while and continue to do the trick. 

I do get the feeling a set of smellies may appear under the tree next Thursday morning though! 


  1. i always get a great deal of satisfaction in using up another item from my now dwindling stash.
    i've still got enough hand creams to last me a couple of years though.

    1. It was your toiletries challenge that made me do this in the first place. Handcream does tend to last a loooooong time!

  2. Replies
    1. It keeps us smelling nice. I'm planning to have a big catch up session with your blog this weekend. I don't comment as much as I should but I tend to read a lot in one go as Dan likes to hear about your stuff too (I think he likes the food).