Monday, 15 December 2014

A Winter Chill

At the start of the month the heating wouldn't work. Dan spoke to a boiler man who suggested a few things and they worked. Last night the boiler wouldn't switch off. This morning it's still working, we have exceptionally hot water, but no heat from the radiators. So I had a shower to warm myself up, the rabbits have a hot water bottle (which they are ignoring). The man is coming to frown at it at some point this afternoon. Thankfully it's not all that chilly today and my plans already included ironing, cleaning the floors and cooking curry so I'll be plenty warm. 

Luckily for me Dan treated me to a new pair of slippers on Saturday. I was very grateful - I wore them on my hands as mittens half way though Burnley v Southampton. I'd forgotten exactly how much colder it is at Turf Moor in December to wandering around at home!

Hopefully it is something that can be fixed, rather than needing a new boiler as that won't happen for a while. I think my case for a stove might be getting stronger!


  1. Those slippers are awesome - hopefully you get your heating sorted soon.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. Thanks Lizzie, they were from Accessorize.

      The boiler guy came early as he was waiting for a part for another job, so the boiler was fixed by 11am *yay*.