Monday, 8 December 2014

A Different Kind of Cosy

For the past few weeks all my craft time has been taken up with making scrappy trees, bot for myself and to give away. I needed a change of scenery, lovely though they are. So this weekend I dug out the stuff for my lap quilt and tried to work out where I was with it. What a relief. So nice to not be doing a festive project and to be in a pink, green and orange world again. 

I bought an old M&S pillowcase from the charity shop a little while ago and I've decided to use it as part of the back, so I spent a while unpicking that and getting it ready. There's a lot of fabric in a pillow case isn't there!

It's way too dark to take any photographs at the minute, probably for the best as it's just piles and piles of fabric, another beautiful explosion. 


  1. Good luck with it all and looking forward to seeing the work in progress if not the finished item soon!

    1. Thanks. Work in progress update soon, the finish line is way off in the distance.

  2. Now just wait for the sun to peep through and take those pics. I'd love to see those scrappy trees.