Monday, 17 November 2014

The Ogre

Yesterday was the easiest of easy days. We drove up the coast to Cleveleys to see the Ogre. On the way past Blackpool Tower we saw all the lighting and other assorted television stuff being packed into trucks from Strictly come Dancing which came from The Tower this weekend. What a lot of lights! I know that's an obvious thing to say, but it was really surprising to see how many there were, lying there on the pavement!

The beach was so busy, considering the time of year, there were people in the water, children digging in the sand, and lots of people looking at the sea shell. The beach artwork has changed so much since I first mentioned it here in March 2013. The shell is changing colour and is covered in lots of barnacles, and as for the Ogre, well he's taken on a very Shrek like appearance. 

The sculpture is settling in so well with the surroundings that Dan didn't even see it at first. Then we noticed his piercing eyes

Doesn't he look fantastic? 

When we'd had a run around on the beach and looked at as many dogs as we could manage we negotiated our way back through Blackpool to the house where we did some very important household business then I got on with my new festive crafting project. I've never given anyone anything I've made before, but this year I am. I am very nervous about it!

Back to domestic business, I tried my new floor cleaner - Astonish Lime & Bergamot. It cost around 89p from Home Bargains, I tried it as a cheaper alternative to the Method Squirt & Mop I had been using, which is about £5 a bottle. The Astonish stuff does need to be diluted, and it's probably not as natural as the Method, but it gets the thumbs up from me. It does the job well, no streaks, it removes marks easily and has a very nice fragrance. Dan asked "what's that nice smell", so it gets the thumbs up from him too, and he's not usually all that bothered about these things. This bottle should last a fair old while, even though I've taken to mopping the living room floor every day. Bargain! 


  1. Brilliant sculptures. Isn't public art the dogs?! For another cheap cleaning product with a great smell try Asda Rhubarb and Blackberry washing up liquid. I'll be trying out your floor cleaner once my other one has run out. x

    1. It really is, What I love about how public art has gone over recent years is it's not too based on the past. I really like "Dream" in St Helens, instead of doing a really traditional "this was a mining town, we must represent mining heritage" the artist worked with ex-miners about what they thought the sculpture should be. What we ended up with was a gorgeous sculpture of a child.

      The Sea Swallow sculptures, of which the shell and the Ogre are two, are ideal for the place they are. It's not just put there for the sake of it, everything just works. It's an amazing thing when people can engage and take ownership of something like this.