Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Putting Words Into Action

Firstly, apologies to sb, lovelygrey and lizzie, I accidentally deleted your comments instead of publishing them. I did appreciate them, I can only blame my extreme tiredness having not slept properly for over a week. 

I must have sensed something was coming yesterday as last night when I got home from the shop there was a message waiting for me. You probably remember us going to a wedding earlier in the year, well it was from that guy. He and his wife will be in our neck of the woods just before Christmas. It was group message asking if we'd like to meet up. I would like to meet up, but someone else suggested we all go to Manchester on the Saturday. That's fine for my mate and fine for his other friends as it's 20 minutes on the train for them, or they can stay over somewhere. It's just less than an hour and a half for us, and the last train is around 9pm.

So we've said no. No excuses, no trying to get them to alter plans, just no.

I don't want to traipse all the way there for an hour and a half with friends. We are happy to go there during the day, or visit them when they're staying with his parents, but I said we'd draw the line somewhere, and that's where it is. It doesn't make me a bad friend, just maybe a slightly lazy one!


  1. I totally agree! It's a long way to go for a couple of hours. You've always got the chance that - well, there is no last train!!! I'm getting less and less inclined to put myself out to meet for meals etc.

    1. I agree with you, missing that train would leave us stranded. Meeting somewhere near where his parents live gives us a few more options if that last train doesn't turn up.

      We were back in touch yesterday and have sorted something out, so all's well that ends well.