Wednesday, 26 November 2014

I'm very happy that...

On Saturday I posted one of the mini trees I've been making to a friend who lives somewhere I'd never heard of before I met her. Being a cheapskate I sent it second class, it arrived on Monday. Can't say better than that.

I had started to wobble about watching Widnes. After all the stuff that went on last season (you may remember me being very upset about the behaviour of some of our fans at the Challenge Cup semi final) we decided not to renew our season tickets and spend next season visiting different grounds. Yesterday the club received the punishment for allowing fans onto the pitch, £20,000 plus £4000 costs. I read the message board to see how that went down only to discover people were still being apologists for the people fighting, causing a nuisance and the general pathetic behaviour. It quickly reminded me that I don't wish to spend any time with people like that if I can help it. 

I wore my proper clothes to the charity shop yesterday, rather than my clothes that I usually keep for wearing at the shop. I received compliments about how nice I looked. Having said that, for the second part of my shift I was forced to wear a hat with cat ears and I received compliments about that too.

We've done most of our Christmas shopping. No more explanation needed!

I've realised recently that I know some really nice, very talented, people.

Everything is almost certainly going to be fine. 


  1. Is there a difference between your 'proper clothes' and those you wear at the CS. Just being nosey.

    1. Yes! I tend to wear the same 4 outfits for the shop, ones that are quick to wash and dry, that I wouldn't be upset if they became marked or snagged, and that cover me up when I'm bending, up a ladder, carrying things etc. Somehow I seem to spend a lot of my time at the shop on the floor!

  2. Very positive post - lovely to read. I have NOT done all my Xmas shopping and I'm in a state of denial.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. Thanks Lizzie. Still plenty of time for shopping. I have to strike while the iron's hot - I am excited around this time, then I get bored of it from the start of December until about 23rd. I have been known to be up wrapping at 2am Christmas morning, so I do it early while I'm in the mood.