Monday, 24 November 2014

December Menu Plan

Dan booked every Friday before Christmas off work. Last Friday was the first one, and almost certainly the last one! Still, one is better than none, and this one weekend has seen us do virtually all of our gift shopping for Christmas and for a couple of upcoming birthdays. There was still time for an afternoon nap on Saturday and we settled down to watch the first ski jumping competition of the season too. 

I'm running this plan on to the start of January, we won't be going to the shops other than for emergency bunny greens, or milk so it makes more sense to do it this way. Plus, at the end of next month I probably won't be sitting down to write a menu plan. Or maybe I will feel the need for a bit of normality.

1. sausage casserole
2. chilli
3. harissa roast veg
4. puy lentil pie
5. singapore noodles
6. out

7. curry (fr)
8. out
9. chestnut cobbler
10 l/o
11 stirfry
12 out
13 jacket potatoes w. beans

14 risotto
15 lentil bol
16 soup
17 soup
18 leek and butterbean crumble
19 bean burger
20 out

21 easy lentil curry
22 pearl barley broth
23 fajitas
24 enchiladas
25 nut roast
26 out
27 pasta bake

28 green lentil hotpot
29 plaki
30 l/o
31 curry, naan, rice
1. falafel toastie
2. tacos
3. jambalaya


  1. Great idea - I love sausage and apple casserole: can't wait to hear how that turns out.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

    1. I never know how it's going to go until we sit down to eat it! Every day is an exciting adventure.