Thursday, 30 October 2014

Yes, Maybe, No

We've had the budget discussion for November, which is good. The lists are written and my envelopes are ready. We have £9.21 of October's grocery budget left to last until Monday and the menu plan is working, the £9.21 may go on a treat or two. 

Yet my mind has been working. Due to the small grocery budget I have been thinking about all those things on the house list that we never get round to buying because they're not really a priority. A teddy bear mattress topper, a soft broom for the living room, taking the duvet to the launderette to freshen it up, new dusters. All these little things that will drain away cash here and there, and while they would be useful we don't need them. 

So one by one they have been struck off the list - mattress topper, we have one on the spare bed, which will be in use for one night next weekend. After that we have no visitors so we can use that topper on our bed, £24.99 not spent! Dusters, well, there's always something to use isn't there? Duvert washing, well I'll wash the anti allergy cover that goes over the duvet but under the duvet cover, and steam the duvet itself. Might work, might not, we shall see. Broom, well, this is the most likely thing to be bought but in the mean time I can use the dustpan and brush and hoover to keep things tidy. Amazing how I'd rather travel 5 miles and spend money than wrestle with the porch cupboard door to get Henry out!

Having a scant week this week (did I mention we'd had another vet trip at the weekend?) has really set us both up for having a scant week next week too. Waiting to buy things has just made us think, and that little bit of space always helps to stop the desire to spend. It's a well trodden path, but it's still one that leads somewhere, usually away from the shops! I am also leaving my purse at home when I go to the charity shop. It'll give me breathing space at least when i see those bits and bobs that I really really like. 


  1. I'm terrible, never do a menu plan. Not so disciplined.

    I bought one of those brush and dustpan with long handles and must say I use it a lot. £1 from - well the Pound shop. I do like it and might even buy a better one if I ever can think why it would work better than the pound one, although think it might be a better brush. Like you, I would rather use that most times, or the dry treated blue mop, rather than wrestle with the Sebo vac with its trip overable flex. Oh, for a rechargeable, I really think I would vacuum more often and be more houseproud. However, I have better things to do with my money.

    1. I need the discipline or I'd never cook anything!

      I love Henry once he's out, what I dislike is the wonky door on the porch cupboard! We don't have a pound shop :( One of the ladies I work with at the charity shop has just invested in one of those cordless vacuums they advertise on the telly, she loves it and is constantly singing its praises.