Monday, 27 October 2014


We didn't have a low-spend, let alone a no-spend weekend as the white rabbit was at the vet. With her usual perfect timing it was just after the surgery closed and the emergency vet took over. Anyway, she had excellent care and is back home now, eating and doing all the things she should and shouldn't be doing. 

While she was away we didn't really feel in the mood for doing much, so Dan did some tidying and I quilted and wrote the shopping lists for next month. I've written a master list and a week by week one, which seems complicated but makes sense to me. It's not as long a list as I thought either, so I think the budget should be more than adequate. I've decided against doing a big shop at the start of the month and will just check the supermarket website before we go to have a look for any good deals. 

I'll also be getting back on the exercise bike this week. I have neither the desire nor the means to buy new clothes and quite a few things in my wardrobe are a bit snug. A small grocery budget and a bit of a pedal should sort that out in no time. Plus, it's a great way to keep warm and a very good excuse to listen to all the cheesy tunes I wouldn't listen to at any other time. 

There are a lot of lists and things at the minute, I'll be glad when payday arrives at the end of the week and we can start sending money off here and there to the various savings accounts, when it's gone it's gone! I'm full of beans at the minute though so it doesn't feel like I'm hanging on for Friday, long may that last. 

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