Thursday, 23 October 2014

November Menu Plan

November's shopping budget doesn't arrive until November 3rd, so the first three nights are from pantry items. We usually have a budget of £200, but don't need any toiletries, rabbit stuff or cleaning products so that should remove a lot of the cost this month. We're looking at £110, but I've planned to have lots of leftovers so maybe we can come in under that.

Breakfast is always toast, cereal or porridge. Weekday lunches are usually houmous sandwiches/wraps/crackers with some veg, this month probably beetroot and carrot for me, beetroot and olives for Dan. At the weekend we might have soup or a toasted sandwich instead, Dan still has houmous with chutney, I tend to have onion, mushroom and chutney - not healthy, but they are delicious!

1. mystery pasties with pasta salad

2. sausage casserole w. v-pud
3. jambalaya
4. plaki
5. peppers stuffed with beans (l.o plaki)
6. dilly stew w. rosemary dumplings
7. curry
8. out

9. out
10 stirfry
11 lentil, garlic and butterbean stew
12 risotto or l/o with rice
13 mushroom pot pie
14 curry
15 potato skins w. chilli

16 pearl barley broth
17 winter ratatouille
18 winter lasagne
19 l/o
20 sausage casserole
21 roast curried mushrooms w. spicy rice
22 singapore noodles

23 roast
24 tacos
25 l/o
26 chestnut and sage cobbler
27 l/o
28 out 
29 bean burgers

30 soup and sandwich

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