Friday, 24 October 2014

Groundhog Day

I'm doing an extra shift at the shop today. I don't mind at all (after much faffing about) but the one thing I don't like is there's one person there and I know I'll end up having the same conversation with them again as I always do.

Does anyone else have someone in their life like this?

I've already had the conversation twice this week so a third time will almost certainly be a grit my teeth and get on with it thing! I wouldn't mind it that much if they got the facts right but they just don't! Long story short, it's kind of about food, the thing is, this guy is trying to on the one hand trip me up about what I do and don't eat and on the other hand trying to get me to agree with the religious aspect of his diet. Changing the subject or saying I don't want to talk about it doesn't really hit home with this person - there one of those people who will say what they want to say regardless.

Now, other than posting about food here, and the general discussion about what we're having for tea, I don't really think about my diet all that much. I certainly don't think about what I don't eat, nor am I bothered about what other folk eat. What I do object to is other people assuming what my moral code is. I didn't, for example, give up eating meat for any kind of ethical reason, but people assume I did. We stopped eating meat for financial reasons as it happens - but do I wish to discuss that with someone at the shop, not really, it's not very interesting, I'd rather dress up, have a sing-song and a cup of tea.

This is nothing about food and is really about people talking about things they don't really know nothing about, and about the assumptions made about people based on a small amount of facts, or based on how they see the world. There's a lot of it about and it drives me bonkers! 

Low spend, not no spend weekend this week. Dan has informed me he'd like a beer or two and I would like some pickled onion crisps and some compost to plant my bargain seeds picked up from Wilko in the garden sale the other week. I also have a stack of magazines given to me by my mum, and some quilting to do. I'm going to be busy relaxing. 


  1. Re 'this guy' just think beautiful thoughts (compost, pickled onions etc), smile and keep nodding your head. He'll soon get fed up of no response and may go away! Enjoy your weekend, I think I'll have a beer or two aswell. Cheers Dan!

    1. I did a lot of smiling and nodding! Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I'm a vegetarian and those people drive me potty. I never preach at or try to convert people to vegetarianism. I trust that people have made an informed choice as to what they choose to eat and wish that I would be granted the same courtesy! I don't understand what they want. Do they want us to throw our hands up in the air and to declare that they have convinced us of the error of our ways and we will immediately eat a bacon sandwich?

    1. You're right, I just don't know what he expects me to say! He's a nice guy but is just a bit relentless in this regard.

      Thankfully someone else wanted to chat about the Status Quo concert that was on tv this week, it sounded way more interesting!