Monday, 6 October 2014


Not all went well this weekend. 

Well, it started on Friday when the humming, buzzy noise of the digi-box for the tv drove me bonkers. The failure was the new tv unit. You may or may not remember I bought a kitchen cabinet from the mid-century shop in the town and decided to use it as the tv unit. Well, it was too small. We lived with it for a couple of months, but eventually I had to admit defeat. Knowing that Dan would try to talk me out of it, I swapped the cabinet for the white console from the dining room. 

It doesn't look too bad. Apologies for the poor quality picture, it's pretty dark, wet and wild here this morning. 

I don't think I like the cabinet in the dining room though, it certainly needs a change of paint colour inside at the very least, but I'm sure I'll get used to it when I've tinkered a little bit. 

The second failure concerned a packet of butterbeans. I had planned to talk about batch cooking today, and indeed to do some batch cooking to use up all the veg Father gave to me last week. I soaked the beans on Saturday night. as soon as they went into the water I sensed something was wrong. They just looked weird. I drained and boiled them and they just turned to mush. I was very disappointed, it's never happened before and I'd was a bit cross I wasted all that time and masses of water for nothing. Dan kindly dealt with the sink afterwards as it was just disgusting. I've started again with some chickpeas, hopefully that will be better.